About Titles on Demand

Titles, McMaster University Bookstore, is proud to be the first location in Eastern Canada and one of only 10 locations in the world to offer the print on demand capabilities of the Espresso Book Machine.

The EBM, supplied by On Demand Books of New York, is a patented, fully integrated book machine that can automatically produce a high quality trade-size paperback book in a matter of minutes. The compact modular design and sophisticated onboard software automates just about every aspect of book production - printing the full colour cover and the black and white book pages then gluing and binding them into a perfect bound paperback book that is virtually indistinguishable from a book printed by a traditional publisher.

Print on Demand (POD) is an efficient, cost effective technology that saves time, money, space and reduces a bookstore's carbon footprint by altering the traditional book industry supply chain. All items printed at Titles Bookstore are done so with full copyright permission secured by our in-house copyright coordinators, ensuring that the creators and publishers of written works are properly compensated for their work.

By introducing Titles on Demand, we are able to increase our current offering of 40,000 general interest books to over one million by working with publishers to ensure that their extensive catalogue of POD titles are always virtually in stock, as well as offering local authors self-publishing solutions that allow for inexpensive short-run options

Welcome to the bookstore of the future . . .